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Langmead & Baker Ltd is a Zambia-based PR and communications company, originally established in 1998 and registered in Zambia in 2001. It is wholly owned by its two directors, Dr Peter Langmead and Gillian Langmead.

The company works for a range of multinational corporates, government agencies and projects providing a full range of public relations services, including media relations, photography, stakeholder mapping, event management, CSR support, monitoring and strategy development. Current clients include Emirates Airline, Zambian Breweries Plc (a division of AB InBev), First Quantum Minerals Ltd, Aggreko plc, Proflight Zambia, Zambeef Plc, Gemfields Plc, the Private Enterprise Programme-Zambia and Paratus Telecommunications. Previous clients have included British Airways and Brand South Africa.

The company is based in Lusaka, Zambia, from where it covers Zimbabwe (for Emirates), as well as Malawi (for Proflight) and Mozambique (for Gemfields). Work also extends into South Africa, Botswana and Namibia.



  • Hands-On Approach
  • Proactive Stance
  • Journalism Background
  • Local Base and Knowledge
  • Contacts
  • Business
  • Acumen
  • Industry Experience
  • Global Perspective


Client liaison, strategic planning, press releases, photographs, one-on-one media briefings, press conferences, social media, video and audio, media kits, stakeholder mapping, CSR management, investor relations, events, speech writing, media monitoring, reporting cCrisis communications

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Client liaison

We work closely with our clients to ensure we understand their business, their goals and their requirements. Ensuring a strong internal communications system is key to enable them to effectively communicate to a wider audience.

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Strategic Planning

Issuing messages in a vacuum does not work. We work with clients to ascertain corporate and communications goals, develop key messages, identify target audiences and select the most appropriate channels for dissemination.

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We have a skilled in-house photographic capability that has generated some of our clients’ most well-used and iconic photographs, highlighting their work and reinforcing messages in a clear and creative way.

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We maintain an extensive database of media, and have strong relationships with journalists in all the markets where we operate, enabling us to arrange relevant interviews and briefings that add depth and value for clients and journalists.

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Social media

Content generation is at the core of our business, working with clients to identify, hone and disseminate messages to appropriate audiences through channels including websites, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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Video and Audio

An in-house HD video and audio capability enables us to produce and edit appropriate audio-visual material for broadcast media and as standalone corporate videos. This also adds value to press releases.

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Stakeholder mapping

Public relations encompasses many “publics”; we work with clients and bring added value from our many years of experience in research and analysis to help identify influencers to ensure messages are targeted correctly.

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CSR management

CSR is an increasingly important component of our clients’ businesses. We support them with CSR frameworks, long experience and knowledge of local causes, and a strategic approach that maximises returns under a triple bottom line approach of social, environmental and economic benefit.

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Investor Relations

We work with both stock exchange-listed and private companies and organisations, most of which require a degree of investor relations, ranging from Regulatory News Service (RNS) statements to material to reinforce banker and private investor confidence.

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Events can bring a message to life. We will be there with advice, support, media coverage and input as required, working with specialist companies if necessary

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Speech writing

A great speech can move an audience, shift perceptions and rebuild reputations. We know, because we have written some of them.

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Regular daily, weekly or monthly reports are tailored to the needs of each client in terms of formatting, metrics and content. We report inputs, outputs and outcomes.

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Crisis response

A crisis often starts as an issue. We constantly scan for issues that could develop into crises, providing early warning to clients of potential problems and strategising how to deal with them. If a problem does become serious, we are on-hand to deal with media inquiries, issue statements, develop talking points, mitigate corporate damage and protect reputations – 24/7.

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Media monitoring

You can’t manage what you can’t measure, is one of our client’s favourite adages. We agree, which is why we take the time to monitoring print, online, social and broadcast media in detail on a daily basis for generated coverage, client mentions and relevant industry news.

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Gillian Langmead co-founded Langmead & Baker. She is an accredited practitioner of the UK-based Chartered Institute of Public Relations and a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Zambia Institute of Marketing.
In addition to private sector work, Gillian is communications adviser to the DFID-funded Private Enterprise Programme – Zambia (PEP-Z). Gillian has more than 30 years of experience in the communications, PR and journalism fields, 20 years of which have been spent in Asia and Africa.
She is a former Contributing Editor to Euromoney and The Banker (an FT publication) covering South-East Asia, and was Editor of Corporate Money in London. A British citizen, Gillian has an LLB (Hons) including company, commercial and public international law.
She also holds an MBA (with distinction) specialising in government, industry and privatisation as well as marketing and finance. She features in the UNICEF-sponsored book Zambia Women Celebrated profiling the top 65 most influential women in Zambia and is a board member of the British Chamber of Commerce Zambia.

Dr Peter Langmead co-founded Langmead & Baker. His skills bring together a combination creative ideas and analytical thought with a strong business and commercial emphasis.
Peter has spent 40 years working in Africa and Asia, starting his career as a professional photographer, film-maker and radio producer in development communications, before moving into the research and analysis field for both development and commercial organisations, conducting financial and economic feasibility studies on a range of projects.
A British citizen, Peter has a PhD and MSc in Finance from Strathclyde University and holds an MBA including marketing, organisational behaviour and strategic planning.
He has published four books of documentary photographs, Postcards from Zambia, The Zambians, zedscape and ZedPipo, written two operas and is producing a film, Damyna The Musical.

In addition to its two directors, Langmead & Baker employs seven full-time professional staff, including a photographer, broadcast specialist, graohic designer and four writers.
It also works with three part-time professional staff.

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