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Langmead & Baker Ltd pursues other interests that are extensions to its commercial activities, including making feature films, producing operas and publishing books. These activities benefit from the experience of the Zambia-based PR and communications company that was originally established in 1998 and registered in Zambia in 2001. The company established Zambia Fashion Week, which it founded and ran for five years before passing it on to local management. Additionally, the company originated a raft of magazines, Beauty, Development, Insurance Magazine, Marketing Magazine and others, before moving into Public Relations.



Produced by Langmead & Baker Ltd in 2016, Damyna the Musical is a film adaptation of Peter Langmead's Damyna Damyna the opera, written, composed and directed by Peter Langmead. Damyna the Musical is due to be released before the end of 2016.


Langmead & Baker Ltd has produced two operas, written, composed and directed by Peter Langmead. Damyna Damyna the opera, was premiered at Lusaka Playhouse in April 2014, and The Legend of Konga Mato, premiered in April 2015.

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