AUGUST 05, 2022


LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – The country’s leading vertically integrated cold chain food products and agribusiness has continued in its expansion programme with the opening of a self-service macro and stockfeed outlet in Lusaka’s Makeni Bonaventure area.

Lusaka Mayor Chilando Chitangala hailed Zambia’s leading food processor and retailer for the expansion drive progress in the provision of quality products through the improved food quality and safety programmes the company undertakes.

Ms Chitangala said: “The Lusaka City Council (LCC) has been striving to transform Lusaka into a healthy environment for all traders to conduct business in a manner that is compliant with local and international standards on health and safety practices. We are proud of Zambeef because as a local company headquartered in Lusaka, it is a premier retailer which espouses our vision of promoting these practices in the city.”

Speaking during the official opening of the macro, the mayor urged companies in the food business to promote good industry practice in the delivery of products they offer for public consumption.

“Such innovations are what we as government desire to see more local companies strive to achieve in their operations. The world is a dynamic environment, and we all need to adapt to changes if we are to be resilient.” she said.

“As government we are proud of this because we believe embracing innovation will help local businesses successfully compete in a rigorous economic environment and create opportunities for business growth.”

Meanwhile, Zambeef Chief Executive Officer Faith Mukutu said the retail giant was fully committed to developing a comprehensive strategy through which it would implement the seamless delivery of social and economic projects that provide a strong foundation for growth and improved value addition.

“This strategy umbrellas our commitment to realising the targets which the group has set in order for Zambeef to move ahead in the production, processing and retailing of meat, stockfeed and grains at maximum capacity,” said Ms Mukutu.

Ms Mukutu reiterated Zambeef’s commitment to being the finest example of operational excellence in the production, distribution and retailing of products local communities use in their everyday lives.

“Zambeef is a company that started as an idea to provide quality beef chicken, dairy, pork and stockfeed to the people of Zambia and other surrounding areas.

This new outlet is part of our project to improve our retailing division in the country. It will provide a wider shopping area and improved point of sales. In addition, we have given other local businesses an opportunity to sell their products on our shelves. There are products such as beans, kapenta, salt, spices and other products supplied by small and medium-scale businesses,” she highlighted.

The latest Macro and Novatek outlet has created almost 20 direct jobs, with many more indirect jobs created through Zambeef’s supply chain.
Ms Mukutu further added, “Our retail outlets are a culmination of a long value chain which links our farmer in the remotest parts of the country who supply cattle, milk, and other inputs, linking them to our customers. Therefore, when you are buying from us, you are equally supporting your fellow citizens, empowering them with jobs and helping them graduate out of poverty.”


About Zambeef Products Plc
Zambeef Products PLC (“Zambeef”) is the largest integrated cold chain food products and agribusiness company in Zambia and one of the largest in the Southern Africa region. Zambeef is quoted on both the Lusaka Securities Exchange and the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange.
It is involved in the primary production, processing, distribution and retailing of beef, chicken, pork, eggs, dairy, fish, flour, stock feed and day-old chicks throughout Zambia and the surrounding region. It operates 236 retail outlets in Zambia, Nigeria and Ghana.
Zambeef also has one of the largest row cropping operations in Zambia, growing maize, soybeans and wheat. Zambeef plants nearly 23,000 hectares annually, with most of the resulting crops being used in the Zambeef animal feed and flour milling businesses.
Zambeef employs more than 7,000 people.
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