SEPTEMBER 12, 2022 


NORTH-WESTERN, ZAMBIA – In its quest to promote a safe and healthy working environment and lifestyle of its employees at its Kansanshi Mine Plc in Solwezi and FQM Trident Limited in Kalumbila, including the Ndola and Country offices, First Quantum Minerals has launched the My Reason to THINK (MRTT) programme. 

The Programme has been launched in line with First Quantum’s safety culture, which values the importance of the safety and health of employees to reduce the risk of work-related injuries and ensures there is consideration of the sustainability of the business. 

The MRTT programme is a build-up on the THINK programme, a safety campaign the mining firm has been running for the last seven years. 

FQM Group Safety Manager Ken Nicol has said that it is up to every employee in the company to make the decisions that will promote not only their own safety but the safety and well-being of their fellow employees. 

“And as First Quantum, starting from our CEO, Tristan Pascall, through all our management teams down to our supervisors and employees, we all have a role to play in preventing accidents and keeping each other safe. 

So, what we are now asking, is to ask yourself what is it that matters most to you, and then think about ‘What is my reason to THINK’. We work so we can live better lives, we work to have an income so that we can support our families, or so we can go out and enjoy the things we do in life, so we can invest in building houses and our future, perhaps in farming or for our children’s education.  But we won’t be able to do these things if we don’t have a job,” he continued. 

And Kansanshi Mining PLc General Manager, Anthony Mukutuma said My Reason to THINK is a reliable safety programme which will further incentivise employees and contractors on the Kansanshi site to have clarity on WHY it is important for each one, as an individual, to work safely. 

Mukutuma explained that the safety campaign launched will motivate employees to understand the reason to think about their safety in all environments.  

“This programme will help each one of you to take responsibility for your own safety at any place where you are with clarity of mind of why this is important for you; it doesn’t have to be only at your work place but can be at your house, church, club or anywhere else,” said Mukutuma. 

He said that My Reason to THINK was an appendage of the THINK programme which meant to equip employees to remain safe as they perform their jobs in various sections at the Kansanshi site and in all other First Quantum operations throughout the world. 

It is a practical and sensible approach to safety at Kansanshi Mine which encourages employees to perform tasks safely under the ethos of “No job is so important that it cannot be done safely”. 

“It is for this reason that the organisation has at this stage decided to involve you in revamping the THINK programme by exploring a new dimension-My Reason to THINK and I am happy to announce the launch of this important programme at Kansanshi Mining Plc,” he said. 

Mukutuma advised that My Reason to THINK demonstrated individual responsibility in safety consideration and this meant that every employee had a good reason to keep living healthy and enjoy the things he/she loves doing the most. 

He said the programme was launched for every employee to care for himself or herself and others, including their loved ones. 

“So please if you do not feel safe, do not do it and report to your supervisor, because you have a reason to THINK,” he advised employees.  

Mine manager Clayton Reeves said My Reason to THINK is a programme which is taking the company to the next level of progression in terms of safety practice. 

He encouraged employees to take advantage of My Reason to Think programme. keep themselves and their families safe. 

FQM Trident Limited Health and Safety Manager Atkins Sitwala explained: “My Reason to THINK goes beyond the mine fence. Because it is now going to the communities, we live in. We have seen people following all the safety rules, but the moment they leave the mine gate, they forget about the importance of safety. All of that happens because of that change in behaviour and mindset. 

So, My Reason to THINK goes beyond the mine fence. So that as we go home and whatever we do in life, let us think of that which is important to us. If you are looking to see your daughter graduate from the university, and you are a boiler maker, you need to make sure that you comply with the full Personal Protective Equipment.” 

And Kansanshi Mine Corporate Affairs manager, Kyansenga Chitoshi implored gathered employees to take safety lessons seriously and share the information with their families in order to protect their well-being. 

“I recently attended my daughter’s graduation and that moment for me, and all parents and guardians, is a special moment; and my reason to think,” she said. 

Kansanshi Mining PLC Safety Manager, Teza Kasengele concluded by emphasising the need for employees to always follow safety guidelines based on their reason to THINK! He said that it is much easier to follow the rules for working safely if we have a reason to do so. The reason could be family, business, recreation or good health. 

FQM believes that the true success of any business is reflected in the state of health, Education, and Quality of life of its employee. And that a responsible company supports the health and well-being of its employees and the communities where it operates. 


About First Quantum Minerals Ltd
First Quantum Minerals Ltd is a global metals and mining company producing mainly copper, gold and zinc. The company’s assets are in Zambia, Spain, Mauritania, Australia, Finland, Turkey, Panama, Argentina and Peru.
In 2021, First Quantum globally produced 816,435 tonnes of copper, 312,492 ounces of gold and 16,818 tonnes of nickel.
In Zambia it operates the Kansanshi mine and smelter in Solwezi and the Sentinel mine in Kalumbila.
The company is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

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