SEPTEMBER 17, 2022 


LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – Efficient mobility will be key to the government’s planned decentralisation of services, CFAO Motors Zambia has said. 

The company behind distribution of customer-centric and affordable vehicles and services including Toyota and Hino, as well as Automark pre-owned vehicles is urging local government to take advantage of the opportunity to improve government service delivery in towns across the country. 

As local government makes efforts to bring sustainable development, CFAO is working to improve people’s livelihoods through its innovative products that are affordable while offering business opportunities to Independent Authorized Service Centers, to meet the expectations of its clients. 

“We believe, decentralisation is among the initiatives that accelerate development. The reason we find it important to spread the business across the country, because we need to support our customers that use our products. We need to reduce the cost for them to travel to our operations,” said CFAO Motors Zambia General Manager Franco H. Breytenbach. 

Speaking at the Local Government Association of Zambia’s 66th conference this year at Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka, CFAO General Manager applauded government’s quest to identify and address the challenges of better service delivery, transport being among them. The association seeks to actualise decentralisation as a tool for sustainable development. 

Baking governments call for sustainable development across the country, CFAO is moving forward in implementing and growing its network to offer timely services and products in local towns. To improve its access for its localized customer base, the company is working with local entrepreneurs who operate Independent Authorized Service Centers to carter and provide reliable services and products like spare parts. 

“If a customer needs to travel from Kasama to Kitwe or Lusaka to service a vehicle, it becomes extremely expensive for them. To alleviate this, we look at independent operators where we support their growth. We allow the independent operators to work on vehicles, service and maintenance. And they are also allowed to carry out warranty work on the vehicles in areas close to our customers,” stated Mr Breytenbach. 

In line with the government’s decentralisation strategy, CFAO is working on expanding its network of service centres across the country further to ensure councils can easily access local support when needed. 

Currently CFAO has branches in Lusaka, Kitwe, Livingstone and Solwezi, and authorised service centres in Kabwe, Chipata, Mkushi and Kasama. The group also provides genuine parts and quality aftersales service across Zambia. 

The company is now exploring options for further locations to bring its range of vehicles and services closer to local towns. Through interactions with local authorities at the conference, the company hoped to grow its network, expand its service base more widely and bring its brands within reach of even more remote areas. 

Decentralization is a big part of CFAO Motors Zambia’s tenet to reach its customers and bring its broad range of automotive products and services closer to the doorsteps of its clients. 

CFAO is a global company that is active in 40 countries across Africa and access to 47 of the 54 markets on the continent. Decentralisation elsewhere has played a pivotal role to the success of its business. 


About CFAO Zambia Group 
CFAO Group in Zambia, is the official distributor and dealer for Zambia’s leading automotive brands, including Toyota, Hino, Ford, Suzuki, Volkswagen, MOTUL lubricants, MAXXIS tyres and Automark pre-owned vehicles. 
Through its branches in Lusaka, Kitwe, Livingstone and Solwezi, and authorised service centres in Kabwe, Chipata, Mkushi and Kasama, the group also provides genuine parts and quality aftersales service across Zambia. 
Toyota Zambia has been a trusted household name in the vehicle market since its establishment in 1963 as a member of the Lonrho group of companies. 

About CFAO 
The CFAO Group, Corporation For Africa & Overseas, contributes to growth and industrialisation in Africa while catering to the continent’s emerging middle class. 
With a revenue of over €5.8 billion, access to 46 of the 54 countries on the continent, and nearly 21,000 employees, CFAO is a key player in mobility, healthcare, consumer goods, infrastructure and energy. 
The Group partners with leading international brands and covers the entire value chain – imports, production, distribution – in line with the highest quality standards, drawing on 170 years of hands-on knowledge and local expertise. 
CFAO pursues a twofold strategy, focusing on manufacturing to promote local production, and distribution through its distribution network, Africa’s largest, to offer tailored, affordable products and services to people across the continent. 
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