JANUARY 27, 2023


LIVINGSTONE, ZAMBIA – Zambeef Products Plc has continued on its mission to revamp its retail division, as part of the company’s continued efforts to expand its product range and provide locally produced goods.

Latest in this move is the company’s newly renovated mini macro outlet in Livingstone, which will stock supplementary products such as rice, kapenta and fish which are sourced from local companies in the country.

Speaking when she officially opened the mini macro, Livingstone Mayor Constance Nalishebo Muleabai said: “Zambeef’s flow of operations continues to leave a multiplier effect that exemplifies the value that local entities bring to the table, with small-scale farmers gaining access to markets, more employment opportunities and community wellbeing being improved.”

Ms Muleabai hailed the Zambeef’s all-inclusive business model in which the cold chain food provider sources 100% of the beef sold in its butcheries from local farmers.

“Using the impact the company is making as a prime example, we have learned the extent to which public-private partnerships can help create an atmosphere of development in Zambia,” she said.

Ms Muleabai urged other companies in the country to join in concerted efforts to boost the local economy by promoting the distribution of locally produced goods.

Meanwhile, Zambeef CEO Ms Faith Mukutu expressed optimism that the government’s continued partnership with the private sector would stabilise the livestock sector in the country.

“Zambeef buys a lot of cattle from the Southern Province. Therefore, our partnership with the people of the province is beyond retail to supporting livestock farming. Whilst there are positives to this, the company still faces some challenges, one being the country’s inability to proactively identify and trace some of the serious livestock diseases such as CBPP, which negatively impacted the beef industry in the last quarter of 2022,” explained Ms Mukutu.

She assured Zambeef’s commitment to addressing some of these challenges and continuing to support local farmers, which would lead to job creation, value addition and industrialisation.


About Zambeef Products Plc
Zambeef Products PLC (“Zambeef”) is the largest integrated cold chain food products and agribusiness company in Zambia and one of the largest in the Southern Africa region. Zambeef is quoted on both the Lusaka Securities Exchange and the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange.
It is involved in the primary production, processing, distribution and retailing of beef, chicken, pork, eggs, dairy, fish, flour, stock feed and day-old chicks throughout Zambia and the surrounding region. It operates 236 retail outlets in Zambia, Nigeria and Ghana.
Zambeef also has one of the largest row cropping operations in Zambia, growing maize, soybeans and wheat. Zambeef plants nearly 23,000 hectares annually, with most of the resulting crops being used in the Zambeef animal feed and flour milling businesses.
Zambeef employs more than 7,000 people.
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