MARCH 12, 2023


SINAZONGWE, ZAMBIA – Life is full of challenges and obstacles, and sometimes it can be hard to see the positives in difficult circumstances. But, when we look closer, we can see the importance of resilience and the power of hope in stories like Prince Muchimba’s story and how Maamba Collieries Ltd is helping him to pursue his dreams. 

The Story of a Young Determined Student
Prince’s story begins with his difficult circumstances since birth. Born to a single mother, with a disability that makes it impossible for him to walk unassisted, the odds of him pursuing his dream of higher education stacked heavily against him from the very beginning. But this inspiring young man refused to accept this as his reality, and he set out to prove his detractors and naysayers wrong. 

Prince’s difficult situation first came to the attention of Maamba Collieries during a management visit to Maamba Special School in 2016, where the company was handing over a generator to overcome the load-shedding crisis. At the time, Prince was only in grade eight and already performing exceptionally well in academics. This prompted MCL to sponsor his tuition through secondary school, until 2020. 

With the full certificate he earned at grade 12, Prince was accepted at the Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies (ZCAS) where he was enrolled into the Accounting Degree programme. Faced, yet again, with the daunting challenge to afford tertiary education, Prince turned to MCL to request further support for this four-year programme. Confident in capabilities of Prince and sanguine of the return on their investment, MCL readily sponsored Prince, who is now going into his third year of school. 

The Impact of MCL’s Support  
“ZCAS is a friendly environment, and I am very comfortable here,” says Prince. “Even though some of the classrooms are not accessible by wheelchair, I find that I can always approach the management here and, with the support of my sponsors, have my challenges addressed.” 

With steely resolve, a burning desire to achieve and a staunch support system, Prince has continued to work hard and keep up with his fellow classmates, often surpassing many of them in course assessments and assignments. 

Maamba Collieries Ltd.’s sponsorship is far reaching and by providing this young man with the opportunity to pursue higher education, MCL is not only helping him to realise his dreams, but also helping to break down the barriers that people with disabilities face. 

“My biggest dream is to establish an institution where people with disabilities can be taught job-ready skills,” Prince confides. “After I graduate, I would like to invest more into education because I see how important it is.” 

“I would like to thank my sponsors who consistently go above and beyond what they have to do, to make sure I am comfortable. I just want to make them proud because I know that this is a huge investment,” says Prince. 

Prince Muchimba is currently in the second semester of his second year, hoping to complete his degree in 2024. Like Prince, we all have dreams, but for some of us, achieving those dreams can be more challenging than for others. However, with the help of organisations like Maamba Collieries, so much more becomes possible. 

MCL’s Honours Social Development Contract – Invests in the Community 
Maamba Collieries Ltd is not only helping Prince Muchimba, but also aims to assist with the larger needs of the community. The company runs the Maamba Development Trust, the vehicle through which community outreach programmes are initiated and supported. Through this fund, MCL invests in the communities within its catchment area in agriculture, health and recreation. 

In addition, through its Livelihood Restoration Project, Maamba Collieries is also helping to create employment opportunities. People are trained in tailoring and carpentry – both valuable skills that are helping beneficiaries of the project to earn extra income to support their families. For the youth, MCL runs a TEVETA accredited Vocational Training Institute in courses that presently include Welding and Metal Fabrication and Electrical Technology to empower them with practical skills. 

The Maamba Development Trust since privatisation in 2010, remains focused on meeting its obligation to the social contract with the community and remains committed to …Making a Difference! 


About Maamba Collieries Ltd
Maamba Collieries Limited (MCL), in Sinazongwe District in Southern Province, is Zambia’s largest coal mine and the nation’s biggest Independent Power Producer (IPP) with Zambia’s only coal-fired Thermal Power Plant (TPP). 
The company operates a 300 MW (2 X 150 MW units) modern, eco-friendly coal-fired power plant – the only one of its kind in Zambia – with the capacity to supply 10 percent of the country’s current installed electricity generation capacity. 
MCL is owned 65 percent by Nava Bharat Singapore Pte and 35 percent by ZCCM-IH, with US$919 million invested since 2010. 
The plant provides diversity in the nation’s energy mix and contributes to the nation’s base load electricity demand with high-availability power that is independent of climate change.  

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