APRIL 12, 2023  


LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – Zambia expects to achieve a digital economy which will be highly dependent on information technology.  

According to the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO): “To be smart, the digital revolution will need to be inclusive.” 

ICT has been integrated into the 8th National Development Plan that is set to bring the nation closer to realising Vision 2030- for Zambia to become a prosperous middle-income nation. Therefore, enhancement of digital skills has been prioritized across all sectors.  

The donation of ICT equipment from Zambian Breweries to Information and Communications Technology Association of Zambia (ICTAZ)- a corporate body responsible for registering and licensing ICT professionals, will be used to enhance IT skills in the country.  

In its quest to urgently revive economic stability, the Ministry of Technology and Science encourages private-public partnerships.  

“This donation is timely as ICTAZ has displayed great ambitions to contribute to Zambia’s national digital transformation. The equipment donated will contribute to the promotion of innovative, responsible and reputable ICT professionals,” said Ministry of Technology and Science Assistant Director Ms Mwelwa Munsaka. 

“Due to many institutions of learning having limited hardware for students to use, Government is supportive of the establishment of the ICTAZ innovation centre- where young IT professionals will be able to enhance their technical skills and gain knowledge from a network of professionals,” Ms Munsaka added. 

The Ministry of Technology and Science emphasized encouraging youth innovation as witnessed by the establishment of the Hakainde Hichilema Innovation Fund (HHIF) that has seen youths from across the country coming up with innovations: a step in the actualisation of the country’s digital transformation agenda and developing critical skills in Zambia.  

Zambian Breweries Head of Solutions Shula Kampamba said: “Before driving growth, we must first integrate ICT to serve the implementation of educational strategies. The growth of ICT begins at the very base with our educational institutions, which have the responsibility to ensure the transformation of mindsets and attitudes towards technology,” 

“As the Association responsible for regulating the professional conduct of all IT professionals in Zambia, as well as students in higher learning institutions we have had in our strategic plans to improve the way we support students in order to bridge the gap between the industry and education,” said ICTAZ President Clement Sinyangwe. 

“However, the institution has had infrastructure challenges. Zambian Breweries has given us a full data centre worth of equipment which is capable of helping ICTAZ to come up with a mother of innovation hubs that will help us attach deserving students to the national hub which we have created,” ICTAZ president said.  

“Our drive and commitment as Zambian Breweries is to facilitate an enabling environment that supports initiatives that encourage the use of technology and technological instruction,” said Zambian Breweries Head of Solutions. 

“We are confident that the innovation hub will provide access to cutting-edge technology and resources, as well as mentorship and networking opportunities with industry experts to foster creativity and innovation in the field of ICT.” 

“As a corporate citizen we will continue supporting these efforts to ensure a better quality of living for all and create a better world through shared value,” Mr Kampamba concluded.  

The Ministry of Technology and Science noted that such a partnership between Zambian Breweries and ICTAZ is an example an engagement that has begun to bear fruit.  

“This donation will go a long way and improve the ICT fraternity in the country,” Ministry of Technology and Science Assistant Director stated. 


About AB InBev in Zambia
Zambian Breweries Plc is part of Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev), the largest brewer in the world, with more than 400 beer brands and some 200,000 employees in over 50 countries. It is also one of the world’s largest bottlers of soft drinks.
Zambian Breweries was established in Zambia in 1968 and its product range has grown to include clear beers such as Mosi Lager, Castle, Carling Black Label, Eagle beer, Stella Artois and Budweiser.

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