JULY 20, 2023


LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – The highly anticipated Stella Artois Zambia Polocrosse Open 2023 games, held at the Leopards Hill Polocrosse Club, concluded in a thrilling display of skill, competition, and community spirit, as Suscon emerged victorious. The tournament was sponsored by Stella Artois, one of Zambian Breweries’ premium beer brands, exemplifying the brewer’s commitment to fostering the growth and development of the sport.

Speaking during the tournament, Zambia Polocrosse Association (ZPA) Chairman Steve Kyriazis, extended his gratitude to Stella Artois for their sponsorship, which played a significant role in making the event a success and supporting the ZPA’s fundraising efforts for the World Cup coming up in 2024.

“This year’s tournament is a showcase of Zambian Polocrosse at its highest level, this could not have been possible without help of our partners who have supported us financially and made this event look so colourful,” he said.

And Zambian Breweries Marketing Manager, Mwila Matoka expressed her delight in backing this remarkable sporting event, emphasizing the company’s commitment to fostering a vibrant atmosphere and a deep sense of community through sports.

Ms Matoka said: “The Stella Artois Zambia Polocrosse Open 2023 proved to be an unforgettable weekend, filled with memories, great sportsmanship, and spirited competition.”

Held annually, the polocrosse tournament ignites the passion of sports enthusiasts with a blend of, thrilling excitement and sheer athleticism, as the unique game weaves together the dynamic elements of polo, lacrosse, and netball.

This year’s tournament followed a format similar to the cricket Indian Premier League (IPL), with four teams competing, each representing a title sponsor. The teams that participated in the Zambia Polocrosse Open 2023 tournament were Entrust, Tiffany’s Canyon, Suscon, and Butcher Block, who displayed exceptional skills and sportsmanship throughout the competition.

During an exhilarating two-day event, the teams engaged in intense competition on the field. In the end, it was Suscon who emerged triumphant, prevailing over Butcher Block and seizing the coveted trophy of the 2023 Zambia Polocrosse Open tournament. The tournament exhibited remarkable gameplay from all the participating teams, captivating the enthusiastic audience with a truly spectacular display. The success of the event was made possible by the support and organization provided by the team sponsors, including Suscon, Butcher Block, Tiffany’s Canyon, Entrust Stock Feed Ltd, and Zenith.

Additionally, the event received valuable support from other sponsors, including Xco, Toyota, Ad-dicts Advertising, and The AdBox.

After the exhilarating polocrosse games during the day, the evening continued with “A Party in the Life Artois,” featuring a line-up of sensational DJs Ralph, Blocks, Freddie and Amma who electrified the night with their music. Attendees took to the dance floor   revelled in the captivating atmosphere. The combination of outstanding sport and   rhythmic sounds by #TheLifeArtois DJs created an unforgettable experience for all.

She recognized the growth of the Polocrosse sport in Zambia and commended the country’s impressive leap and remarkable ascent from an eighth-place ranking this year and for qualifying to the 2024 Polocrosse World Cup.

Particularly, Zambia Polocrosse secured the runner-up position in their second World Cup appearance in 2015, and a Zambian player was honoured as the Best Lady player in the world. In their subsequent World Cup held in Australia in 2019, the Zambian team achieved a commendable fourth-place ranking.

The Stella Artois Zambia Polocrosse Open 2023 not only showcased the thrill of competitive sport but also highlighted the power of community support and the positive impact of corporate sponsorship in fostering the growth of local sports.

As the sun set on the remarkable tournament, the organizers and participants left with cherished memories and a shared passion for the sport and the beer.


About AB InBev in Zambia
Zambian Breweries Plc is part of Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev), the largest brewer in the world, with more than 500 beer brands and some 200,000 employees in over 50 countries. It is also one of the world’s largest bottlers of soft drinks. 
Zambian Breweries was established in Zambia in 1968 and its product range has grown to include clear beers such as Mosi Premium Lager, Mosi Light, Castle, Carling Black Label, Eagle, Stella Artois, and Budweiser. 

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