JULY 21, 2023


Lusaka-Durban Service Igniting Economic Growth and Cultural Linkages 

LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – Proflight Zambia’s direct flights between Lusaka and Durban has been hailed as a significant milestone in bolstering economic ties within the Southern African region. Mayor Thomas Mxolisi Kaunda of Durban, South Africa highlighted the importance of the flights in promoting trade, tourism, and regional integration when speaking during the 2023 Hollywood Bets Durban July event.

Mayor Kaunda noted that the development would allow travellers between the two countries and the Southern African Development Community (SADC), increased access to the tourism offerings as well as business opportunities.  

As part of a familiarisation efforts of the City, the Durban Tourism invited a Team of Zambian travel agencies and media, led by Proflight Zambia’s Customer Service Representative – Petronella Chanda, to experience what it has to offer and attend the famed Durban July event. Travel agencies represented were Satguru Travel and Tours, Blueberry Travel, and Voyagers Zambia, who amassed the experience in a bid to craft better packages for their clients wanting to visit the city. 

Zambian TV presenter and fashion designer Natasha Vandermaas and Peter Mwansa, also found their way to Durban to attend the event for the very first time and dazzled in their locally inspired attires.
“I am so mesmerized by the whole experience, and it has given me a different perception of how we can make our events a lot better,” said Peter. 
“I am here in Durban to have a good time. Looking at the theme ‘Out of this World,’ I dressed up like Tinkle bell, a butterfly,” Natasha smiled at the thought. “Being here, you totally sense that the event is bigger, and we hope our events back home can emulate this.” 

The Hollywood Bets Durban July is not only a grand social occasion but also an economic event that bolsters the tourism sector. Various industries, including hospitality, fashion, textiles, transportation, and entertainment, reap the benefits of this iconic sporting and social extravaganza. By inviting countries from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and beyond, Durban aims to foster strong economic ties and establish itself as one of the most welcoming and vibrant cities in South Africa. The positive economic impact of the event is evident in the increased number of visitors to Durban, contributing to the city’s resurgence and growing economy. 

The success of Durban’s economy and tourism industry is further amplified by its remarkable beaches. Mayor Kaunda proudly shared, “Out of all the 23 beaches, 19 beaches are fully operational, and all of them will be so by December this year.”  

This commitment to providing a welcoming environment for visitors underscores Durban’s dedication to being a premier tourist destination. 

The strategic direct flights established by Proflight Zambia, combined with the allure of the Durban July event and a myriad of activities, have invigorated Durban’s economy, tourism sector, and cultural vibrancy. Mayor Thomas Mxolisi Kaunda’s vision and commitment to promoting Durban as a warm and welcoming destination have resulted in increased visitor numbers and enhanced economic ties within the Southern African region. With a plethora of experiences awaiting visitors, Durban continues to solidify its position as an economic and tourist powerhouse. 


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